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Music Ministry

The ministry of music plows up the rough and stony ground of the heart, that the seed of God’s word may take root downward, and bear fruit upward. We are blessed to have many singing ministries, such as:

• The Sanctuary Choir
• The Mass Choir
• Youth and Young Adult Choir
• St. Paul Specials
• Donald Bryant Memorial Male Chorus
• Delores Loper Singers


We have a strong desire to serve this present age. We have the Missionary Society, and the Daughters of Conference. Both groups reach out to the elderly, youth, and the needy and distressed in our parish and community at large. They also assist in raising funds that the church as a whole may continue to offer programs and services to the congregation and community alike.


We know that it is hard to preach to a man who is hungry and naked; so, every Friday, we distribute food and clothing to those who are in need. We are also heavily involved with Prison Fellowship Ministries wherein we assist those who are incarcerated and or their families. We are also endeavoring to offer some type of support to inmates as they are integrated back into society.


Once we receive the great gift of Salvation, then we must begin to grow spiritually. This involves studying the word of God and applying it to our daily lives. Here at St. Paul, we not only have edifying sermons on Sunday, but we also have Discipleship I and Discipleship II classes. We currently have a study in the book of Proverbs and a dynamic class entitled “Through the Bible”. We have a book club wherein the ladies pick a devotional book and have in-depth discussions to enhance their spiritual growth. We also offer two inspiring Bible Studies every Wednesday at 1pm and 7pm. Our church school takes the young and old alike and cultivates them into fishers of men.

Sanctuary Choir

Bishop Michael S. Moulden brought this ministry into existence in July 1988, at that time Bishop Moulden was the pastor of St Paul church. There were at that time two choirs the # 1 and #2 choirs during his time as pastor Bishop Moulden had decided to combine the two choirs, and proclaim them as one known as the Sanctuary Choir. The choir has been in existence for twenty years. The Sanctuary Choir will be celebrating twenty-four years serving the Lord and doing His will in September of this year. The choir accompanies Rev. Charles L. Amos, now pastor of St Paul Church during services at home and when he travels. There are currently thirty -five members and there is always room for more. From the choir many members have grown spiritually and received their callings. Some are ordained ministers, evangelist and leaders in the church. There are still nine (8) original members singing with the choir Rev. Bessie L. Jones, Sis. Elsie Thomas, Sis. Gertie Ross, Sis. Sylvia Starks, Sis. Elsie Congo and Sis. Doris Hall, Sis. Margaret Campbell and Sis. Virginia Ellegood. Now we are under the fine music ministry of Calvin Mincey. Our faithful choir directory Sis. Kathy Cooper has gone on to be with the LORD.  We will apply all that she has taught us and apply it to building this ministry for the glory of God.  The officers of this great choir are:

Sis. Tonyell Boddy – President 
Sis. Margaret Campbell – Treasurer 
Chaplain-Gertie Ross

Other St. Paul Ministries

Men’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Couples Ministry 
Single Women’s Ministry
Usher Board
Stewardess Board
CAMP (Children Achieving the Master’s Purpose)
Sound & Media Ministry
Ministry of Hope (Newly formed recovery ministry)
Diapers for Single parents
Vocational Preparation Ministry (VPM)
Mental Health Awareness Ministry
Survivors Ministry
Golden Links (Seniors)​

​Praise Dance Ministry

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