St. Paul was founded in 1887 when a group of Christians began gathering in a house on Wilmington’s West side for prayer meetings.

They continued the meetings later on the East side at Seventh and Walnut Street, and by 1893 the group had fully incorporated as a church.   The church was called the Eleventh Street Mission.  May 4, 1905, the documents were signed by a few of our faithful members; Brother John Matthews, Brother John Primrose, and Brother John W.  Anderson. 


Then the Lord showed us that he was not through with us yet.  April 24, 1981 the congregation, under the leadership of the late Rev. John E. Harris purchased the old Silo Building.  In early 1983, the Trustee’s put the old church at 408 East Eleventh Street on the market.  The church was on the move. The Church of Deliverance, where the Rev. Roosevelt Burns was  the Pastor, purchased the building in 1985.

Under the direction and guidance, and being led by the Spirit of Christ, our Pastor at the time, the Rev. George W. Poindexter, now our esteemed retired Bishop, was given the reins to go forth. 

The old Silo Appliance and T.V. Center was reincarnated as a church.  The Spirit of God is yet in the consecrated walls, and the Spirit of the Holy Ghost still dwells among us as it did in the Day of Pentecost.  For He that is mighty, has done great things for us.  God is continually adding to the fold under the direction of present Pastor, the Rt. Rev. Charles L. Amos.

During our 128+ years, we have prospered in the Faith, and have allowed the Holy Spirit to have free reign.  We have been blessed to have had many Spirit filled Preachers and Singers to come from our congregation.  Some have become Pastors: Reverends Dr. Delores J. Loper, Dr. Etta M. Robertson, Dr. Dorothy E. Wilmore, Elwood Fews, Dr. Ruth E. Britt, James Matthews Jr., Linda Henry-Tucker, Patricia Williams, Anthony Brown, Michael Mills, Howard Jones, Kristopher Cooper and Vivian Grey—Retired.  The late Reverends Kenneth Harrigan, Arnette Gray, Joseph Wally, and a blessed and well-known Local Preacher Bishop Bostick.

We thank God for the ministers who fulfilled the works of the Lord in the vineyard as pastors and have since returned after retiring – Rev. Howard P. Jones, Rev. Dr. Etta Mae Robertson, Rev. Allen O. Smith, Rev. Dr. Delores J. Loper, Rev. Dr. Ruth Britt, and the Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Wilmore. Dr Wilmore also served as District Superintendent of the First and Fourth Episcopal Districts of the UAME Church Incorporated. Rev. Bessie Jones, a lifelong member, also faithfully serves as a retired minister.

Our present Ministerial Staff includes our Quarterly Conference Assignees, Rev. Jean Williams, Rev. Harriet C. Williams,  Evangelist Rosalind Smith, Evangelist Janice Dickerson, Evangelist Mary Stanley, Evangelist. Sonja Amos, Evangelist Sandi Gibbs, Evangelist Alfea L. Amos,, Local Preacher Celeste Williams, 

We would not have progressed without great leadership. Eighteen outstanding Pastors have led us to victory.  They are Reverends Samuel P. Shepherd, Walter Castelle, W.J. Byrd, Luther Smith (1919), William H. Gray (1921), H.H. Hoy (1923), W.D. Smith (1925), O.W. Forward (1926), Charles Bayard (1928), J.J. Parker (1932), John P. Predow (1933), James H. Hartley (1940), Monty W. Frazer, John E. Harris, George W. Poindexter, Michael S. Moulden, Delmus P. Neal, Sr., and our present Pastor, Bishop  Charles L. Amos.

Four of our previous pastors were elevated to the office of Bishop of the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church.  The Right Reverends George W. Poindexter, Michael S. Moulden, the Late Reverends O.W. Forward, and John P. Predow. Our present Pastor was elected and consecrated the twenty-sixth Bishop of the UAME Church and he still continues to serve as our pastor.

Great accomplishments have been reached in our many years of serving the LORD and we are believing God for even greater things in the future.

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we are a church that is striving to have an impact on all generations by showing the unconditional love of god through edifying, mentoring, and developing people to become followers of jesus christ.

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